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Banu works with Arali portfolio companies to accelerate the journey to PMF and GTM and firmly believes that entrepreneurship is not for the fainthearted.

Banu has over two decades of experience spread across the corporate sector, besides being a successful exited tech entrepreneur in the US. His corporate experience has predominantly been in product leadership roles in global companies like Nokia, Technotree (Finnish Listed telecom product company).

As co-founder, CEO, and Head Product of Fittrax (a health and wellness startup in the US), he built and scaled an IP heavy wearable + application product targeted at wellness and Healthcare industries and eventually exited by selling the business to Digi Health Inc.

He is an avid reader, tech enthusiast and believes in Free Markets coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit is the only way to have sustained economic growth; which in turn, leads to social changes and positive overall progress of societies.

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